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Product Name: 3-Aminophenylacetylene
CAS No: 54060-30-9
Product Type: Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Product spec: 99.5%
Packing: 1kg/bottle, 25kgs/drum
Place Of Supplier: Hubei Province, China
Price: 10RMB/Kilograms
Quantity: 5000Kilograms
Valid Period: 2018-05-04
Description: Name: 3-Aminophenylacetylene CAS:54060-30-9 Other name: m-ethynyl aniline                     m-AMINOPHENYL ACETYLENE                     3-ethynyl benzeneamine                     3-ethynyl-phenylamine                    3-ETHYNYLANILINE MF: C8H7N Mw: 117.15 Appearance: colorless to light yellow liquid Assay: 99.5% Mp: 27 °C Bp: 92-93 °C at 2mmHg Fp: 59 °C  Density: 1.0400 g/cm3 Refractive index :1.6150  Application: 3-Aminophenylacetylene is used as intermediate of anti-cancer drug Erlotinib. 3-ETHYNYLANILINE can also be used for high grade resin synthesis which is used in the field of aerospace, aviation and military, etc.   Package: 1kg/bottle, 25kgs/drum
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